Zero distance communication between visiting group of 2019 Guangdong aluminum processing technology (International) seminar and Haihua Technology


In the world, those who hear are not as detailed as those who see. On the afternoon of November 10, the visiting group of 2019 Guangdong aluminum processing technology (International) seminar came to Foshan Haihua Surface Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haihua technology") for exchange activities. People from all walks of life and Haihua science and technology team discuss new surface treatment technologies and products to create new opportunities for win-win cooperation.

From the beginning of entering the gate of Haihua technology, all staff of Haihua technology warmly welcomed the visit group and made a warm hospitality. In order to further understand the innovative products, production process and R & D strength of Haihua science and technology, the visiting group entered the Haihua science and technology workshop and R & D center, and its excellent product quality and solid innovation and R & D ability were recognized and praised by the guests of the visiting group. Some enterprise representatives and professional personnel of Haihua had in-depth discussion, exchange of advanced experience, and the scene atmosphere was warm and active.

During the visit, the reporter of interviewed Mr. Kang Weimin, general manager of sales of Haihua science and technology, on key issues such as enterprise advantages and development prospects.

Kang Weimin, general manager of sales of Haihua Technology

In the interview, when asked about the development advantages that Haihua technology can stand out in the industry, Kang Weimin replied forcefully: "innovation strength and product quality are important elements of our development breakthrough." It is reported that Haihua science and technology has a technology research and development team that has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years, and the products have been independently developed and produced; the only aluminum alloy surface treatment additive research and development center established by Foshan Science and Technology Bureau is established in Haihua science and technology. In order to steadily improve the quality of products, Haihua technology has established and improved a scientific production site control and management system, and has carried out strict testing and instrument analysis on the whole process from raw materials to packaging.

Green intelligent manufacturing is the development trend of the industry, so what is the innovation and new trend of Haihua technology? Kang Weimin pointed out that "green environmental protection is in the process of perpetual motion in Haihua science and technology. We will strengthen the training of technical R & D talents, increase capital investment, transform equipment and add new testing instruments, pay special attention to the development trend of new environmental protection materials, help green manufacturing in all aspects, and contribute to environmental protection."

The open enterprise visit and exchange activities benefit both the visiting enterprise representatives and the visited enterprises. The visit to Haihua science and technology also came to a successful end with a lot of praise.

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